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DINOSAUR WOBBLY HEAD CARD 7.5 Decoupage Card Kit digital download

Product code: 891CBX

This product is a digital download. Once purchased you can download the sheets immediately. You will receive an email with a link to the download. You may sell finished cards that you create from my sheets, but you may not sell or share the sheets. 

3 sheet mini kit with 3d step by step decoupage and wobbly head feature. 
Topper is approximately 7.5 inch or can be reduced in size for smaller cards.

Suitable for birthday, retirement, Father's Day, or Humorous adult card. Features humorous dinosaur with wobbly head.
Includes instructions with various options for attaching the wobbly head, including a paper spring mechanism (which is very quick and easy to make), acetate strip or a wire spring. Could also be made as a standard decoupage with fixed head.

Kit includes,
1. Topper & sentiment tags
2. Decoupage
3. Insert & sentiment tags 
4. Instructions for the wobbly head.

Several sentiment tags, including one blank. The others read,
Happy Birthday, 
Getting older is better than the alternative! 
Wishing You a Dino-Mite Birthday, 
To a Totally Roarsome Dad on Father's Day, 
You might be a dinosaur but we love you, 
Special Son, Dad, Daddy, Husband, Grandson, Brother, Grandad, Nephew, Uncle, Partner, Friend, Boyfriend, 
Special Mum, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, Sister, Gran, Wife, Girlfriend, Nanna, 
Ages include one blank and 3, 4, 5 or 6

 All decoupage sheets are in high resolution jpg format for quality printing.

Simply download the image and save it to your computer.

Navigate to the folder you have saved the image in.

Right click on the image and select print. Change the settings to your preferred options and print :0)

Can also be used in your preferred graphics programme, or copy and paste into word.

All my decoupage designs are © Janet @ toptoppershop. Sheet must not be resold, copied or shared.

Brand Janet Briggs
Condition New
Product Code 891CBX